Kiwi Management .

You may be required to manage kiwi as a requirement of a resouce consent condition, as part of a restoration project or a scientific research project. Whatever the reason, our staff can help. 

Kiwi are a nationally protected bird that are in decline. Work involving the handling of kiwi or kiwi eggs is a specialised skill that can only be carried out by staff certified by the Department of Conservation. Our certified staff follow national best practice standards to ensure the welfare of each bird, and the best possible management of our national icon. 

All MBC certified kiwi handlers are experienced in the safe handling of New Zealand's largest kiwi, great spotted kiwi (Apteryx haastii) as well as other kiwi taxa. They are experienced in working in remote and difficult terrain, and offer a flexible, no-fuss service to the client. Our kiwi dog handler and her dog are a proven team, certified to work with all kiwi taxa. 

MBC's kiwi management staff are certified and experienced in a range of kiwi management tasks;

  • Kiwi monitoring 
  • Kiwi capture, handling, banding and trasmitter attachment 
  • Welfare checks
  • Permanent banding
  • Nocturnal listening and call count monitoring 
  • Radio telementry tracking and monitoring 
  • Territory mapping 
  • Data management and analysis 
  • Kiwi translocation 
  • Uplift and transportation of eggs for Operation Nest Egg 
  • Kiwi dog team - search and location of kiwi 
  • Kiwi project management